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Truly Plush Dog

These little Yorkie puppies need a loving home - why not make it yours? Ashton-Drake is thrilled to present the very FIRST, very exclusive So Truly Real™ Perfect Companions® collection, "Picks of the Litter"! These two lifelike pet dog plush pals are so realistic you'll cherish them just like any loving pets - you can even personalize their "adoption papers" with names you choose!

Each Yorkie puppy dog has brown eyes, a sculpted nose, a hand-stitched mouth, and high-quality German mohair fur with a true "puppy coat" look and silky feel. They're handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Best of all, unique armatures in their necks, legs, and tails let you pose them for endless hours of play! Fall in love now with these lifelike Yorkie puppies, plush little pals you can't resist! Order now!

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