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Puppy Dog Plush

Lifelike Pet Dog Plush Is First So Truly Real Perfect Companions(R) Pup! Yorkie Puppy Plush Makes Ideal Yorkie Gift! - From the tips of their wet noses to the ends of their fluffy tails, precious little Yorkies are bundles of love and companionship. Always ready for playtime, they know just how to get your attention! Now, you can enjoy endless hours of fun with a lifelike pet dog plush designed with unique armatures that can be posed for play or pampered petting!You'll fall head over heels in love with this adorable lifelike pet dog plush, the first So Truly Real Perfect Companions(R) puppy only from Ashton-Drake. This lifelike Yorkie puppy plush features exquisite, high-quality imported German mohair with a true "puppy coat" look and soft, silky feel. Ideal for a treasured keepsake or makes a unique Yorkie gift. Heavy demand is expected, and you know how fast puppies grow. Order now! *** Express Shipping Available ***
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