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My Little Yorkie Perfect Companions(R)

Exclusive Lifelike Pet Dog, a Yorkie Puppy Plush Pal You Can't Resist! The Very FIRST So Truly Real(TM) Puppy is Posable - This darling Yorkie puppy needs a loving home - won't you help out? Ashton-Drake is thrilled to present the very FIRST, very exclusive So Truly Real(TM) Perfect Companions(R) plush pet, "My Little Yorkie"! This adorably lifelike pet dog plush pal is so realistic you'll find yourself playing with it for hours!This sweet Yorkie puppy dog has brown eyes, a hand-stitched nose and mouth, and high-quality German mohair fur with a true "puppy coat" look and silky feel. It's handmade and one of a kind. Best of all, unique armatures in its neck, legs, and tail lets you pose it anywhere in the house! Fall in love now with this lifelike Yorkie puppy; plush best friends like this don't show up every day! Order now! *** Express Shipping Available ***
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