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Peaceful Moment Music Box Collection

Thomas Kinkade Music Boxes Showcase Inspirational Scenes of Serenity! Exclusive Limited-edition Heirloom Treasures! - Enjoy the tranquil beauty of Thomas Kinkade's artwork combined with inspirational words of peace and uplifting melodies in this exquisite collection of Heirloom Porcelain(R) music boxes! Mr. Kinkade's inspirational art is reproduced in glorious, 22K gold-accented panoramas around the base of each music box, and presented once again in stunning, hand-painted sculptural lids! Lift the lids of these exclusive, limited-edition Thomas Kinkade collectible music boxes from Ardleigh Elliott and you'll find inspirational words of peace and faith in 22K gold script, including verses from the beloved Serenity Prayer. Truly, an inspirational collection designed to grant you a lifetime of serene moments - order now!
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