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Sago Palm Bonsai Tree

The Sago Palm is a long-lived exotic palm that tolerates neglect but thrives with attention. Adapts to indirect light or full sun and has a wide temperature range from 15 to 120 degrees F. A slow growth rate allows indoor specimens to remain in the same container indefinately. Treat as a cactus - water when almost dry and seldom fertilize. Great indoor bonsai. 35 years old. 28"x28"x28". Potted in an 18" ceramic black oval container as shown.
Store: Bonsai Boy of New York
About Bonsai Boy of New York:
Largest supplier of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the internet offering hunderds of items at low wholesale prices. Variety of bonsai, including junipers, Azalea, Rosemary, Brush Cherry, New Zealand Tea Rose, Citrus Trees, Snow Rose Serissa, and much more.
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