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Purse Hanger - Heart In Heart

BANISH "BAGTERIA" FOREVER Your tote sure gets around—the problem is, so do germs. From the grocery store to the park, cafe to the classroom, the "bagteria" on just about every surface is itching to jump aboard. Thankfully, the Purse Hanger lets you suspend your bag from any table or desk edge, off the ground and out of the way while you do your thing without worry. With its compact, sturdy, foldable design and stylish velvet storage pouch, the Purse Hanger is a smart, attractive—and affordable—way to protect your tote.
Store: FranklinCovey USA & FranklinCovey CA
About FranklinCovey USA & FranklinCovey CA:
FranklinCovey is the global leader in effectiveness training, productivity tools, and assessment services for organizations, teams, and individuals. We offer a wide variety of quality products, from our deluxe planners and covers to hi-tech handhelds and software, all designed to turn stress into success.
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