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Love Of The Wolf Collector Plate Collection

Exclusive Wolf Art Collector Plates Feature Artist Al Agnew Wildlife Art of the Wolf's Devotion to Its Mate and Pack! - Together they rule the wilderness, lords of their domain. The wolf's instinct for survival and will to endure are legendary. Yet behind that incredible power lies a much stronger trait: the need to belong. Now, you can surround yourself with nature's legacy of wild devotion in a panoramic collection of three dramatic wolf art collector plates crafted of luminous porcelain. Let this captivating wolf wall decor art inspire you with its stunning panorama of wolf art collector plates, available only from Bradford Exchange. This limited-edition artist Al Agnew wildlife art includes a handcrafted faux birchbark-and-suede frame, a $75 value, yours for the price of a single plate! Strong demand is expected, and you won't want to miss out. Order now! *** Express Shipping Available ***
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