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Coynes Best Of Friends Kitten Handbag

Sleeping Kitten Handbag with Photographer Keith Kimberlin Image Depicts Feline Naptime! Crystal-studded Unique Cat Lover Gift - It's been such a busy day! After eating breakfast, playing with some toys and pouncing on those sunbeams dancing on the kitchen floor, it's time for a snooze. Now, you can recapture precious naptime memories with a sleeping kitten handbag showcasing a grayscale photo of a precious kitty photographed by acclaimed photographer Keith Kimberlin and adorned with shimmering red and white crystals.Catch a few winks (and some compliments too!) with this kitten handbag from Coynes' Best of Friends by Keith Kimberlin(TM) collection. With a flat bottom, side pockets, zippered top and inside pockets, this women's bag also makes an exciting gift for cat lovers. Strong demand is expected, and you won't want to miss out. Order now!
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